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Trying to not speak words of fear, I am not gonna use triggers and I am not going to mentions names, ages, labels.

I am educated, but naive and vulnerable. That seems to be the case for most ones I am surrounded.

I am reasonable but over-sensitive and I cry a lot. That usually seems to be the problem.

I hate math and I am really bad at it, but still lately I am obsessing over statistics in search of comfort. That definately seems wrong.

Don't get confused though, this is not my "dear diary" moment. This is a shoutout to all the people like me, who have struggled with stress and anxiety in the past and are now being challenged. Whether you overcame your troubling thoughts, still struggling, or new to this world of guilt, you are not alone and it is ok. No point in stressing about stressing and no point in keeping denial around. This is not a "first world problems" situation and you are neither lazy, spoiled or coward for being afraid. Such minds, at such times -if not at all times- do set the mood for a hypothetical impending doom and patronize the script to be believable too. And with the mind, body follows to reassure and cheat on your joy. That's not the case. Fight with your grace, kindness and gratitude. Recognise and speak out about what scares you and set it free. Until then, breathe.

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